Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday's Tallies - a hexagon update

Well, at long last I can say I have started the border!!
I got myself off to John Lewis yesterday and picked up the colours to finish the last few hexagons and the orange (Florence 350)  for the first row of the border.
I only started last night, (and have already unraveled it once!!) but it's fairly quick. The only problem is all the ends......Now, I did spend a lot of time at different stages of this blanket sewing the ends in, but there seems to be a massive amount still to do. I am finding it easier with a new needle I picked up at my lys, they are by Pony and are so easy to use.
They have large eyes, so it makes it easier to thread the wool and stops it splitting. They are also blunt so there's no tearing of the wool as you use it and they are quiet (!!) safe for children to use. 
So here is the progress so far.
And the blanket tucked behind it!! 
I love how the orange is pulling it all together and after a two break from crochet I loved sitting there last night hooking away at it. I can feel a Ta-Dah! in the near future at last.
The original pattern is from here and all yarn used is Rowan Handknit Cotton if anyone would like to know.
I'm off to unload the third wash of the day and try and find any spare hanging space around the house, as it's been raining here for what feels like days!


  1. Are you also making a second row border? What colour? I love that you used orange!!

  2. Isn't it amazing...look at that last picture...the orange edge just seems to tie all the other colours together..it looks great with no border...but WITH an orange border... WOW! Lovely project! Hugs, Jill x

  3. Its looking gorgeous i bet you are so excited to get it finished can't wait to see it, dee x

  4. Amazing! Brilliant & beautiful blanket! I love the orange boarder and what a fab yarn needle I may have to try that as I hate my needle.

  5. Beautiful blanket!!!
    Ana BC

  6. Oh! Your hex blanket is Beautiful! I have also started a hex crochet blanket and I know what you mean about all of the ends. I have been tucking as I go but it does slow the process a lot. I would love it if you checked mine out (I just started blogging 2 weeks ago). Thank you and your site is inspiring!


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