Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Matchy Matchy

The Siblings Together Charity, we all know what an amazing job they do and we all know the quilt drive every year to get as many quilts to the summer camps as possible.
Well, the lovely Nicky and Maria have set up a blog and Instagram account to help quilters share what they are making, need or to donate fabric for someone else to turn it into a quilt.
Just before Christmas I saw that there were some charm squares up for grabs, they were in the lovely Lush Uptown line  and I thought they could be made into a great boys quilt.
I'm thinking of making a Giant Granny Squared quilt, keeping the charms the 5" size, Fiona gave me 76 squares and I've attacked my stash and scrap bags and added to them to make about 140ish in coordinating and matching fabrics. so now I just have to pick a background fabric.
I've been really taken by this cushion I saw on Pinterest, with a linen taupe background and I'm hoping that one of these Bella Solids will make a good match and make it nice and boyish! What do you think left, middle or right?


  1. What a great idea Joanne. I vote for the fabric on the right!

  2. I vote for the one on the right!

  3. I think I'd go for the fabric on the left (the dark one - I'm not good with left and right and although I think I've got it correct in this case, I'm not 100% sure!!) - it'll show the muck less ;o)


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