Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cosy Toes: Part 1

I've got a few things off of my knitting needles recently and the first thing to share is my Rose City Roller socks, I am a little bit in love with them.
So much so, that I don't want to wear them incase I ruin them or wear them out!!!
They did take me ages to get finished, as I just let them sit to the side for so long untouched and I think thats because I really don't like knitting socks from the top down, I love the toe up way of knitting them (even though I do get a cleaner heal turn this way).
They fit perfectly and the yarn was as lovely to knit with as it looks, its such a pretty pink.


Pattern - Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner ...It's a free pattern on Ravelry 
Time to Knit - Far too long.... I think I started them after the summer!!
As I was taking these photos the eldest has just asked for a pair in a manly colour ( I offered him a pink pair but he wasn't keen) for him to wear around the house, so I might be casting on another pair soon and as I have 50grams left of this yarn, I do actually have enough for a second pair for me. 
But until then I will only be wearing these when I'm sitting on the sofa, to ease wear and tear!


  1. So gorgeous and look warm.Love them!

  2. Those are so so pretty! What are those wooden shapes that they're on in the first 2 picture2 - blocking (I think that's what it's called, when you need to get yarn projects mooshed into the right shape/size?) boards? They're almost as cute as the socks!

    1. OOOps haha - that's "the first 2 pictures" - not picture2, lol.


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