Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Fabulously Fast & Slow Fat Quarterly Quilt ✓

Now, the first thing I'm going to address about this finish is the name, the pattern is The Tile Quilt from The Fabulously Fast Quilts Book by Amy Smart and to make the top was fabulously fast, but my aversion to basting and quilting made this the Terribly Slow to Finish Tile Quilt!!
It was started back at Fat Quarterly Retreat in July, with a class by the lovely Amy Smart and was a real eye opener to the speed and ease of chain piecing with jelly rolls and she was a darling of a teacher! It then went on my 2014 Q4 list and was unfinished and then on my 2015 Q1 list, but thankfully the beauty is done!!!
The top was all together back in November and then it sat in my I Hate Basting Pile, with the excuse I couldn't pick a backing. I did favour a vintage sheet, but then I spotted this Strandkrypa duvet cover set in Ikea and I knew I had ran out of excuses.
I quilted it with straight lines in a grid, following through the centre of the four patches and it was a pretty harmless affair, considering I really don't enjoy the quilting bit as much as the piecing!

So the details:

Pattern -  Tile Quilt by Amy Smart from Fabulously Fast Quilts
Size - 60"x40"
Fabrics - Jelly roll of April Showers by Bonnie & Camille 
Kona White for the background
Backing - Ikea duvet with Lecian Dots on the side 
Binding - Lecian Dots and Yellow Stripe from April Showers

This was the first time I had set blocks on point and it was a really fun way to lay it out, it also seemed that they came together quicker, but I just had to remember not to stretch them as your working on the bias. 

I am so so pleased I knuckled down and got this finished as it is a beautiful quilt, not forgetting that the fabrics are perfect, I don't think I've disliked a Bonnie & Camille fabric line!! 
The quilt has been claimed by the little lady of the house for her new room and due to the fact that the new room is so far off being liveable, it is being dragged around the house by the children to different sofas. 
So that is the last finish of this quarter squeezed in and I'm being honest it was finished a few weeks ago, but I've not been able to get decent photos...........this was the debacle of my afternoon today trying to get a dry and bright shot of a massive quilt with very little help from a puppy and a 4 year old!! 
The new house is having a quilting hanging spot if it kills me!!!! 

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. I like the idea of a quilting hanging spot. Beautiful quilts deserve to be on display.

  2. It's a gorgeous quilt! Good luck getting your quilt hanging spot!

  3. Thanks for the info on the quilt. I may give this one a try although the bias part scares me a little. Yours turned out gorgeous! And yes, Bonnie and Camille put out beautiful fabrics!

  4. Congratulations on a fabulous finish! A dedicated quilt hanging spot looks like a must :)

  5. Oh well done for finishing - it is a gorgeous quilt. The backing is perfect!

  6. Oh, I"m getting the book on this, for certain. Your quilt is just beautiful!

  7. How very cool to have been able to do a retreat with Amy; I have been a follower of hers for a while now and her book is on my wishlist. Great work with this, I love the fabrics!

  8. It's a beautiful finish and how wonderful that your kids love it.


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