Friday, 13 March 2015

Swap Sewing

It's not just been all collecting blocks around here recently, there has been just the tiniest bit of sewing going on, and by tiny I mean the smallest of paper piecing.
Back in January I signed up (very late) to the UK Mini Swap, now I am not really a swapper and this is my first mini swap and the reason for this is I am petrified of Swapping! I am such a worrier and I'm lethal at procrastinating, the thought of interpreting somebody else loves, like and dislikes sends me into a spin and I do anything but tackle the project. But I decided to put on my big girl pants and do something that pushes me and the win is I get a mini back that I've not had to make or worry over!
So this is where I am up to, I am using this Cotton + Steel Good Fortune Quilt pattern as my inspiration, but as the templates are for a 15" blocks, I scaled down a mockup of the block on Touchdraw. These block are unfinished at 6½" and as the mini must be no smaller than 15" I should be good with 9 of these little fellas.
The next decision is what 3 colours to do next, I'm not sure between the either of the greens......
or a purple.
It's like a Karen Lewis Textiles paint swatch!
So partner, do you have any preference, or a completely different 3 colours??? Also partner the original pattern has the blocks offset, do you like that or how I have laid them out? Answers and advice from all in a comment please.............I'm off to eat cake and drink a glass of wine, this week has been a testing one!!


  1. I'm not being helpful at all, I know, but I just wanted to say that these are adorable! I love your lv background! :)

  2. I rather like the purple fabric.I always worry about swaps too, I worry that what I make won't be as good as their sewing and they will let down. x

  3. I wouldn't worry at all, this is going to be a gorgeous mini quilt! I think I prefer the yellow, but then I always choose bright :-)

  4. I love those blocks! How about blocks in red, purple and the chartreuse? I'd be tempted to offset the blocks so that the top of one block sits between the two blocks in the row above (am I making any sense?! Like bricks, I suppose) as that way there will be fewer seams meeting...

  5. This looks gorgeous, Jo, you shouldn't be worried! I agree with Helen's colour choices, but maybe you have already made them! PS: I am not your partner!!! I gave up doing swaps due to the stress factor :)

  6. It's looking gorgeous, and I think it would look great as it is currently laid out or offset. (Not much help I know) personally I quite like the purple - the colours all seem to balance well.


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