Thursday, 15 January 2015

Green Gansey Socks ✓

We have a finish!!!
My first finish of 2015 and the FAL!!
These are my Green Gansey Socks that I started on Christmas Eve when Dani from Little Bobbins held a mass cast-on on both IG and Ravelry.
I haven't knitted any socks for a while, so it was a great excuse to cast-on and to make a new project bag! I made the Sock Sack for these beauties!!
I have really sped along on them (sped for me, I know there are some super quick knitters out there) and the christmas break, along with feeling completely rough for a few days before New Year got quite a bit done.
They are a little baggy on the leg, but I think that was my tension rather than the pattern. Speaking of the pattern, I found that really simple and I love that this book gives you several different cast-ons, heals and finishes. I knitted them two at a time to prevent any second sock syndrome (lazy Jo syndrome!!).

The Details 

Pattern - Diamond Gansey Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson
Time Knitting - 2½ weeks! That is a sock record for me!! 

The yarn was sooooo soft to knit with and has only gotten softer since I soaked them, I only used 75gs of yarn so have enough to do contrast toe and heels on another pair. I think these just might have awaken my love of sock knitting, but after a few 4ply project I really needed something a little chunkier on the needles, so I've already cast-on another project, which just might confirm I'm having a thing for green at the moment!
And definitely ticks the chunkier yarn box.
I'm using Oosie from The Skein Queen and it's a really thick dk so should knit up pretty quickly into a yummy shawl....yes another one!!
I'm off to battle with the to do list, which is ridiculously out of control, a bit like the washing basket!! 


  1. Those are so pretty - they look soft and warm and comfy :) Here it's -16C with the windchill - we should all be wearing a pair of these!

  2. Well done on that first tick, I will forever admire and envy you knitters - those socks look gorgeous.

  3. They're gorgeous!!! I love the yarn for your new project - which shawl are you knitting?

  4. Beautiful socks. I'm half way up the second sock of my first ever pair. I see you have changed your typeface. Very pretty! I don't know whether it is my age or the fact that I'm tired but I'm finding it a bit small to read easily though.

  5. I don't know what just happened but when I submitted my comment the type changed back to the usual one instead on the script- strange.

  6. These are so nice!!! Lovely yarn

  7. Your socks are beautiful, and I sure love the green yarns you are working with. One day soon I need to make some socks again, I've been making other things for far too long.


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