Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 was the year I....

(did actually, a hell of a lot more than I thought!!!)

....wrote 105 blog post, God knows how you read my waffle that many times.

....made fewer quilts than 2013, 
only 4, but I have my Swoon blocks so nearly done as well!!!

....made cushions, but also less than 2013.
The husband is moaning about space for humans and not fabric on the sofa....but I hope that will change next year, either with more sofas or by sticking a cushion in his mouth so he can't moan!!!
I'm most proud of my Finn the Human as I drafted that Paper Pieced pattern myself, lots of people have asked for a copy of the pattern, but it was on graph paper, so the plan is this year to get this onto touch draw to share it with those that have asked.

......really found knitting again.
I feel that my knitting has really developed this year in both picking more challenging patterns and in the yarn I've bought from less commercial UK based hand dyers.
I've nearly finished my Christmas Eve socks too and it has really got me in the sock knitting mood, well there is only so many shawls a woman can wear!

.....kept up with sewing clothing.
Firstly Rose's items
And then clothing for me
Still got an Emery all cut out ready to sew, just need the kick/time to do it! This mosaic is like the evolution of my hair, I only get it cut once a year!!!!

.....sewed a bit for others and actually joined in a few swaps at FQR
I also had the massive pleasure of being asked to contribute to this amazing quilt
The Christmas Jumper Quilt, which I have to say even though none of us really knew too much what the other was doing, it came out stunning!! 
I also have to say the worry for swaps and sewing for others made me feel like I was developing an ulcer!

And if you've made it this far well done........... 2014 was the year we took a massive personal jump, it was the year we bought a new house, I know a house!
It is a massive project house, we won't be in there for ages, I'm realistic this is the 3rd project house we have taken on in our married life!!!
It has asbestos, an outside toilet and really quilty carpets (My husband is convinced this and the tiled hallway is the only reason I bought the house!) and it will take every spare bit of time, money and patience we have, but I'll do more about that on another post!!

So, 2015 I really need to be organised, motivated and sewing will definitely be my sanctuary.
Having looked back at my craft-olutions from last year I have definitely achieved three of them

Heres to a crafty 2014 in which I
make some of the things that are bouncing around my mind,
that I use my fq bundle of Chicopee (If you have any pattern suggestions, I'd be really grateful!)
that I be a bit braver with mixing colours, I always tend to play safe and stick to fabric ranges,
that I use some of those fq's that I am just hoarding for NO reason!
and dare I say it…. make more cushions!!! Surely no house can ever have too many? Can they?

I have made the Finn the Human Cushion I was mulling about, chopped into my Chicopee bundle and have 7 Swoon blocks to show for it and lastly through my Economy Block Quilt I was definitely braver with colours and mixing ranges.

So my craft-olutions for 2015

to make something from my Quilty Bucket List
to tackle some really long running wip's (Swoon, HST's cushion!!)
to knit myself a cardigan/ jumper (although I may need to up the mortgage to afford the yarn for a garment!!)
to be braver with quilt patterns
and to keep sewing myself a handmade wardrobe!

Not too unachievable really! Whats your crafting resolutions? or do you have a word! Obviously after how long this post was a word is far too short for me!!!

I'm linking up with the lovely Lynne's
Fresh Sewing Day


  1. That's a lot of accomplishments in 2014. I love your dresses and blouse! You have a very interesting, humorous blog. I wish you luck with your projects and congrats on the new home.

  2. You have had a beautiful year, it is always inspiring to read your blog. All the best to you for the new year.

  3. Looks like you've had a great year! You've got a knack for garment sewing, everything fits you impeccably! What pattern did you use for the second dress on the left of your mosaic? (I've been too chicken to venture into garment sewing, but I'm quite inspired by this dress) Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! - so much lovely creativity:-)

  5. You made loads of beautiful things this year, good luck with the house, especially the carpets o.O

  6. What an awesome and productive year you had! I started looking back at mine only to discover that I did not have a productive year and that many of my "resolutions" did not get "resolved". I could go back to last year and start again kind of like that movie Ground Hog Day! LOL! You did great though!

  7. Awesome round up! It took all my energy to think what i've done this last month. I really do love all your knitting especially

  8. Can you get a new sofa and use cushions as a complaints muffling device? Seriously, congrats on so many lovely makes, particularly the dresses. I went and bought the Washi pattern after seeing yours at FQR. Good luck with the house and your craftolutions.

  9. Great job and congrats on the new house!

  10. What a fantastic creative year you have had. Loved seeing my Union Jack cushion on the blog. The house project looks amazing too. Will you be blogging about that too? Have a wonderful 2015.

  11. I think you need more shawls!! They are my favourite :) Best of luck with the house, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun planning and seeing it take shape. Happy 2015!

  12. You achieved so much more than I did last year, well done! I really want to quilt more in 2015, Ive made a few basic quilts so far, but really want to try new techniques etc. The new house looks great & sounds like its going to be an amazing project/adventure, cannot wait to see more about it. Happy New Year lovely.xx

  13. Good luck on the new house! Wow you've had a productive year- love the wreath quilt and your clothes. Happy 2015 :)

  14. 105 posts? That's only one fewer than I've just over three years!!

    You had an amazingly creative year in 2014 and I can't wait to see what you do in 2015 (I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the last two Swoon blocks making an appearance!) and learning more about that lovely-looking house - well, lovely looking from the outside, at least!

    Have a fabulous year!

    P.S. Love the new header!

  15. Oh my goodness what a fantastic year you've had with so many wonderful makes!! And it was a pleasure to meet you too. Hopefully see you this year?!! And all the best with the new house too!!

  16. Wow, love your quilty things, especially the cushions and impressed by the clothes. I made a Geranium dress for my daughter..did she wear it?....yes, once! We're in the process of buying a house too, which also needs a lot of work and seems to have taken ages to sort. It's our first house so we'll see how we get on! Looking forward to seeing how you progress with yours :)


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