Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 FAL - Q4: The verdict!

Finish Along 2014

I think it will be clear to anyone who has been reading around here for the last few months my FAL finishes have been very few and far between, but just to be honest, this is The List and what I've done or not!!

1. Fabulously Fast Fat Quarterly Quilt.
This needed finishing, quilting and binding.
I finished the top in November and then added it to the quilting pile!!

2. Cushion for Helen
This was a half completed paper pieced block, it needed finishing, quilting and turning into a cushion.
FINISH (blog post here)
This was done and sent off to Helen at the beginning of December.

3. Magrathea Shawl
This was about ¼ through the 1st skein and needed another skein to make it big enough.
FINISH (blog post here) and it's made it into my new blog header.
This was finished in the middle of December and has been permanently around my neck since.

4. Chicopee Swoon
This needed another 3 blocks to be made, then sashed, quilted and binding.
FAIL! Nearer, but yet so far!!
I've made 2 more blocks so only another 1 to do................oh then sash, quilt, and bind!!!

5.HST Cushion
Needed the HST'd to be sewn together, quilted and made into a cushion.
One year on this is still in the same state!!! *hangs head in shame!*

6. Baby Girl Quilt
Just needed quilting and binding.
Another wip thats a year old! *backs out of room slowly*

7. Paper Pieced Post Hanger thing
Needs two more blocks finishing and then assembling.
Yep, another FAIL!
Still in the zippy bag!! *gives up with excuses!*

So a grand total of two finishes off the list and two finishes that are having a 1st birthday party!! I would give excuses to myself, but the truth is I like shiny new projects and am very easily tempted by the inspiration on the internet and Instagram....basically I am a new project sheep!! Baa Baa!
All that is left for the 2014 FAL is to say a massive, huge THANK YOU to our hostess with the mostess Miss Katy! She has cheered us on, told us off and checked up on us all year and it is a task that I really don't envy.
I'm off to compile my 2015 FAL - Q1 list, I'm sure you can guess at least 5 of the things on that list!!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Well hell, it was better than me this quarter ;o) Good luck with Q1!

  2. Two finishes is far better than none, particularly when one of them is the best penguin cushion in the world!!!! Now, why not crack on with your final Swoon block before you have to link up for Q1 2015?!

  3. Two finishes, a finished top and two more Swoon blocks that is progress in my book! Archie is right about the cushion too :)


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