Monday, 1 December 2014

Night, Night, November!

Well, to me that has to be the shortest month in history! I'm sure I only just posted my October Makes!
I wasn't sure I had even sewed much, but making the mosaic for this month has made me realise I have actually made more than I thought.
Fabulously Fast Tile Quilt Top, Log Cabin Wreath Quilt Top (Yep, I have added a few more low volume strips!) and my Christmas Gift Wrap Sack.  There is one more thing finished, but that is a surprise.
I won't be having a very handmade Christmas this year, as I'm having to do more work with my parents business and Christmas is the stalls busiest time, so I've made sure I don't have a pressing list of things to get made.
My aims for the month is to get the Log Cabin Wreath quilt quilted and in use.
To finish knitting my Magrathea Shawl, as the yarn is called Christmas Tree Lights, I really wanted it ready for the 1st December, but that was not to be!
And maybe get those last two Swoon blacks made up!!

I'm really hoping that Amazon has everything on everybody's wish lists, as if it can't be delivered this year they will have to pick something else, because the family has had a new addition this weekend........
Introducing Boris the Standard Schnauzer! He is keeping me as busy as a new baby does......night wees, toilet training, playing & keeping things out of his mouth is really taking up all of my spare time!
Any puppy train tips gladly received!

I'm linking up with the lovely Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.
Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Love the Amy Smart quilt and the wreath is stunning!

  2. Wonderful makes, the wreath is gorgeous! And Boris is adorable!!

  3. That is a lovely collection of makes for the month Joanne, I would be thrilled to have made anything like either of those quilt tops :)

  4. A very festive looking collection of makes!
    Boris is adorable. Too late for my main puppy tip ;-) good luck!

  5. The log cabin wreath is just gorgeous :-) And such a cute puppy.

  6. Hello, Boris!!! I've never had a puppy but as a dog owner I'd say make rules and stick to them - no exceptions! They don't understand that they can chew old slippers but not your brand new ones, or be on the settee when they're fresh from a bath but not when they're fresh from a puddle...

    Also, for children, a handy rule is 'if the dog is on/in his bed then you leave him alone' - it will give him a safe place to retreat to when it all gets too much...good luck!

  7. Wow,love all your projects.Just stunning!

  8. Aww, love Boris! And he is a new baby, he's just a furry one...

  9. Great wreath quilt. Love your new pup - here's wishing you a little sleep.


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