Monday, 22 December 2014

Magrathea Shawl ✓

I have another finish from my Q4 list!!!!
My Magrathea Shawl
Spell check keeps wanting to change it to Margate Shawl, which is making my very tired self giggle, I've spent many a wet weekend in Margate!!!
After feeling really rubbish the week/weekend before last, I let the children have the run of the house, TV and food cupboard on the Sunday morning, as I settled myself on the sofa in the kitchen and knitted till it was finished and with just 3 grams of yarn left. Playing yarn chicken does not make for enjoyable knitting, but that was my own fault as I wanted to use as much as I could!!
After a mammoth (this shawl is massive!) blocking session on Monday and it was ready to wear out and about and I have had it constantly wrapped around my neck these last few blustery days.
I don't know what I love more the yarn or the pattern!
I used about 730 metres of yarn for this shawl , although  the pattern only called for 400metres. The yarn has got a really subtle bronze shimmer running through it, along with the most vibrant colours and I hope it is a good match for both the pattern and the yarn. It was lovely to knit with and is so cozy and not at all itchy to wear. Once Terri has opened her shop again (she has just had a lovely little girl!) I will definitely be buying yarn from her again!! She even knitted a swatch up for me on Instagram so I could see how it would pattern.
This pattern was my first really testing lace pattern and I did need the charts all the way through, as there was no way my sieve of a brain could hold a 10 row repeat!! But I did enjoy seeing the leaf motif develop. This is the fourth time I've knitted one of Martina Behm's patterns (with another two in my Ravelry queue), I really love her style of both the finished shawls and how she writes the patterns. They are normally always a asymmetrical triangle that you start in one corner and gradually get bigger, which means you can play around a little bit more with yarn lengths, depending on how big or small you want it.

Yarn: 200g Christmas Tree Lights Sparkle Sock - A Fine Fish Yarn 
Time to Knit: 2 Months

After looking on Ravelry I can't believe it only took 2 months I'm sure I've been knitting it for ages!! 
And now for my wearing it shot.  
It goes around my neck at least twice and I think it should keep me warm through the chilly Christmas and New Year and I have had loads of lovely comments from people when wearing it this week! 
My next project is a hat for me, but it's very slow going at the moment, I've already frogged it twice! 


  1. A beautiful combination of yarn and pattern Joanne! Love your selfie too :)

  2. The scarf is absolutely magnificent! LOL'd about the 3 grams of yarn left over - I feel like I've won the lottery when I finish sewing something and have only a few inches of thread left on the bobbin :D

  3. That yarn is simply beautiful. I'm on a yarn diet at the moment. But when I start buying again I'm going to look for pretty variegated yarns.

  4. Corrr, it's gorgeous and it looks fab on! x


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