Sunday, 15 June 2014

Le Challenge #13 - Charity

So it is Le Challenge time of the month, last month I opted out as I'd won in April and felt very very lucky!!!
I spent my winnings very wisely and had ordered fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop that I could use for a very special quilt.
My plan was a Giant Star Quilt with Pam Kitty fabrics and I think I met my plan well.
This quilt is to go to Siblings Together Charity, for children who are separated by the care system from their siblings, you can read all about the original quilt drive here and about the charity here.
It is an amazing charity that actually brought me to tears to think of my children being separated by circumstances out of mine or my husbands control!!! Things in life can change so so quickly!!!
I quilted the life out of it! Lots of lines at different widths all quilted with Aurifil.
 And to me its a winner for the charity, as my children kept asking if it was for them!
I have to say if I hadn't start the project with Siblings Together at the front of my mind I would gladly keep this quilt, it's bright, fun and cheerful!
So excuse me if I over photo this quilt!!
I used Lynne at Lilys Quilt's fabulously fast binding tutorial  for machine binding and it worked! As long as I was slow!
The details are
Pam Kitty Giant Star 
Size : 68:x68"
for backing fabric, Ikea Britten Nummer and Bike paths in pink  which I got super cheap!! and for binding more Bike Path in blue!
Quilting : by me with straight lines and Aurifil 50wt 2024

I can't wait to hand this quilt over at Fat Quarterly Retreat to the charity and I hope to make many more quilts for the children involved in this charity!! 

Siblings Together
From the original drive two years ago, the quilt numbers have definitely gone down and I was wondering next year about getting people to send simple blocks to me, to contribute to a quilt like the lovely ladies from Exeter have this year. They have built several wonky cross quilts to donate and I was thinking about a churn dash quilt for 2015?? What do you think???  Would you donate a block????

Le Challenge


  1. It's so fabulous that you used your prize to create another le challenge project and for such a great cause!! The quilt is beautiful and I'm sure it will be loved! Gorgeous fabrics and pattern! Thanks again for linking up :)

  2. I'd donate some blocks of course :-)

  3. It looks great, and I'm sure it will be gratefully received :o)

  4. How funny my quilts are also for Siblings Together, it is a great charity. Love you large Star quilt and all of the photos you took of it.

  5. What a fab quilt, and for a great cause, I would def send you a few blocks, whatever you choose a nice big simple block would be a good idea, and the churn dash sounds ideal :o)

  6. I love this big star quilt and it was a lovely thing to use and donate your won fabric! It has really come a full circle

  7. Our quilt group have taken this charity to heart and will be sending off 5 quilts this week !

  8. An amazing quilt, I love the fact that you used your le challenge voucher for the fabric - makes me feel part of it too, even though I did not make anything for any charity! I am starting to feel bad about it seeing all the entries! Thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  9. Lovely quilt, I'd happily make a few blocks for you next year, I did 12 wonky crosses this time. I'd struggle to make a whole quilt on my own but if you asked for blocks in the spring that would be much more achievable for me,

  10. What a bright cheery quilt! If you need blocks, let me know.

  11. Well done! Made with love for good cause. I have no problem to send you block ;-)

  12. It's superb, why not make another to keep ;-)
    I'd be more than happy to send a block or too, I think generally people find that more manageable than making a whole quilt and are happy to help that way.

  13. What a great pattern for showcasing the delicious fabrics you chose as your winnings! Great story, and a great quilt :-)
    Churn Dash is one of my favorites and I would be happy to mail one or two out, and appreciative that someone else is assembly them!

  14. More than happy to make some blocks for you, it's a good idea. I have 2 quilts to send them and another in the offing as June is my month in an ST quilt bee. It's a great charity and your quilt is sure to be loved - it's a stunner!

  15. Fabulous quilt. So great it's going to the charity. You're right about the number of quilts dropping but I suppose that's natural for something like this. It's great that there are people like you that are keeping it going. The ST bee that Jo Jo mentioned is going for another year. I'm part of that and I'm making a couple of quilts with a friend. I'd be happy to make you some blocks.

  16. Fabulous quilt, fabulous charity! I'd definitely make you a couple of blocks if I was able!

  17. such a beautiful star-i love the fabrics you chose!


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