Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hi, Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013

I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm going to Fat Quarterly retreat this year!! To help people see who else is going, they are holding a linky party for any blogger going, to waffle on a bit about ourselves, so that we can get to know each other a bit before we go! Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I'm good at waffling, so here goes......

My name is Joanne, I'm a wife to one and mother to 3 little people. I live in East London (just, I can wave over the border to Essex) and will be traveling up to retreat each day!! No overnight pass for me!!  
I'm really excited and really nervous, as it's my first year going and I'm going solo! 
Heres me with my FQR name tag and a silly face! I hate photos and have struggled to find one of me without a child.
I'll be missing Friday, as my eldest is inconveniently leaving Primary School that day and has things like a meal and disco that he need ferrying to and from!!
But, I'm in Free Motion and Portholes on Saturday and Needleturn Appliqué on Sunday!

After having my youngest I didn't return to work, but became a full-time mum and got bitten by the knitting and crochet bug! Then to stop me going completely insane from terrible daytime TV, I started sewing about 18 months ago and haven't stopped since!
I have developed a very nasty case of fabric addiction and have a wish list of things I'd like to make taller than my Husband!
I have a very basic sewing machine that I'll be dragging along with me, in my nearly finished Aeroplane Bag.
So thats me! I can't wait to learn some new things, but more importantly meet people like me, who love chopping pretty fabric up and sewing it back together. Most of my friends think I'm slightly mad for enjoying making things. (and it's been a great excuse to make a few bags to carry bits across London in!!)
With only 17 days to go, I think I should get on a read my supplies list and start prepping things!


  1. See you there- in Portholes class at least!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you - how inconsiderate of that child! I've told my husband he needs to take the time off (from Thurs lunchtime too!) but he goes on big trips away so I've earned it!

  3. I'm sure you will have a great time! It's my kids last day of school Friday the 19th too but I'm letting my husband take care of all that ;)

  4. Yay - see you in the FMQ class! Totally have the same friends that can't understand why I spend so much money on fabric that I stack up all prettily, cut up and sew back together again! They just don't get it!! Look forward to meeting you at the retreat!

  5. Love the fabric you've chosen for your aeroplane bag - very apt! Wish I could say see you there but I caught the blogging bug a little too late I'm afraid - maybe next year!

  6. Waving back to you from Essex! Look forward to seeing you there

  7. Can't wait to meet you there.
    If you'd like my mobile number, you could call me when you arrive and I will meet you outside.


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