Friday, 5 July 2013

Aeroplane for London!

I have only gone and finished my Aeroplane Bag!
After 4 broken needles and begging kicking and wacking a coughing and spluttering sewing machine, I got it all together.
And am so so pleased with the result! I knew I would be, as I haven't seen one of these bags that I haven't loved, ever since the Sew Sweetness pattern flooded blogland.
I used the car scrim option (thanks to Sonia at Fabric & Flowers for giving me a great ebay seller link, I think I have enough left to make a whole set of luggage!! And you have to go and she her new liberty bag she made with her left over scrim, it's stunning!) to replace the Soft and Stable and it gives it really sturdy sides that just bounce back out from knock.
I made the longer size and it fits my little machine and pedal in, with loads of room.
I used a home decor weight fabrics called Capital for the main body, that I had bought last year from Ebay and the bottom and handles are Weave in Coal from Summersville. I had to put the Taxi on the front with The Husband driving one all day!
The lining is more Summersville, this time Alphabetti in Coal with the pocket in London Bus Red. I only put in one pocket, just to see if I could get it right. And with the instructions being spot on, it worked perfectly. (Although I was sweating that the fabric would be upside down, my head had trouble with the logistics of it flipping!)
All the step-by-step instructions were really clear and it came together fairly quick. If my machine wasn't so basic and weak it would have been a lot quicker.
The only problem I had, was my zip ends!! They don't look as neat as I would have liked, but it is for me and it wouldn't be homemade without imperfections!!! (At least thats what I tell myself at the end of each project!!) 
I can't wait to use it to lug my machine to FQ retreat in TWO WEEKS! 
Me excited? Just a little!
I'm linking up to TGIFF at Quokka Quilts


  1. Love your bag! I plan to drag my sewing machine out during the summer holidays. The description of your sewing machine describes my old machine - each time I use it I think it won't last another stitch! Hope you have a great time at FQR. Best wishes, Pj x

  2. Yey! I wasn't completely happy with my Weekender either but the zip ends look great to me! We will all have a new bag at the retreat at this rate :D

  3. What a great bag! I've been thinking about getting this pattern, and the more bags I see, I'm more and more convinced I need one as well!

  4. So cute! I love the fun text print.

  5. The zip ends were really tricky I found and yours look great to me. I LOVE your bag - it looks great and thanks for all your bag love :) And eek - two weeks today I'll be on my way to some new PJ pants!!!!! Sx

  6. That is the perfect fabric. I love the interior too... I'd want to make it reversible! but at least you'll have a happy smile when you peek inside it :)

  7. Fab the material, especially the red pocket on the sewing machine sits on the side with a foot in a tesco bag tied around the handle....I think my sewing machine should not be made aware that such bags as this exsist!

  8. Looks brilliant.
    Perfect for the Retreat.

  9. It looks amazing, I really wish I could sew. I love all the different fabrics, that you've used. I've got the Capital but only ever made bunting from it. Deb x

  10. Congratulations Joanne, it is wonderful. I love your fabric choices and will be checking out that Ebay seller soon too!


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