Thursday, 27 September 2012

Spinning Quilt Blocks

I have made a cracking start this week on my Spinning Stars blocks. After a marathon cutting session last Tuesday morning, I managed to have 4 blocks laid out ready for sewing and enough pieces for another two blocks which I sewed together this week.
So here are blocks 1-6

I am trying so hard to make the blocks random and not plan them too much, (which is very unlike me)  but I've not put the same fabric in a block twice (so far!).  
Each block I make is coming out neater and only the 1 & 2 have saggy middles, which I might try and rectify at the end. 

I think the yellow may well be my favourite!
The plan is to make a further 14 blocks and I definitely have enough of the Quilt Blocks fabric but need a fair bit more Sketch.
The blocks being posted in the Flickr Group are stunning! It's also been great to hear other people having saggy problems and how they solved it.
All my blocks are temporally living on the wall in the kitchen, they are really cheering me up and are making ignore all the mess around them that I should be dealing with!!


  1. These look amazing! You're really flying on this quilt. I only have 3 squares done so far. Love the colors you are using. :)

  2. These are looking fab, well spun!


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