Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's finished!!!

Yippee.......I've finally got a Ta-Dah. I mentioned that I tried to take some neglected items away with me on holiday and one of those was the Edie Flower Top that I have been working on since (according to Ravelry) the end of May!

Can you spot the mistake?
I let this sit at home waiting to have all the edging knitted on for weeks but just never got around to it, on holiday it took me just a few quiet hours. (Thanks to my parents being childcare!!) I blocked it over the weekend and then took the little lady in the garden for a few photos and thank God it fits!
I was a little worried that it had took me so long it wouldn't fit, but it looks perfect and I think it will do her for a while. I know it took me a while but I did enjoy making it, it's just not the pattern you can do when the children are asking you a million questions. So I tended to only work on it in the evening and not when I was watching something too engrossing or I'd make a mistake. But, that said I'm still a learner and picking up the intarsia was a steep learning curve! 
The pattern was from Eco Family by Debbie Bliss and I made the size 18-24 months. I used Eco Baby Cotton as instructed and still have a little left over from one ball. This is the second pattern I've used from this book (Saskia Cardigan) and I'm really pleased with how they both came out. Just like it said on the tin!!! 
I mentioned in my last post that I was worried about sand getting into the projects I took away, so didn't take them to the beach.....................then I turned my back to check the photos on the camera
She was obviously a lot less worried than me!!
I'm off to pick a project from a new knitting book I won over the summer!
So, did you spot my mistake? It's staying, there was no way I was frogging it once I realised! 


  1. Would that be the bud in the bottom row without the white bit per chance? ;o)

    Still, it looks cute on its new wearer, and she's obviously breaking it in well :oD

  2. Still learning? By 'eck I wish I was where you are, the jumper is amazing....I would not know where to start with intarsia....clever you!

    I've always felt a bit squirmy about the thought of sand in my mum was showing me a gorgeous shawl on a blog the other day that looked like it would take about three years to maker was modelling it n the be honest I think I may be a little too uptight.

    Your little girl looks a darling in the pictures!

  3. Oh my this is a beautiful piece of work! Almost too pretty to wear - but it looks so nice on your little girl that it would be a shame not to. Fabulous x


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