Thursday, 13 September 2012

Spinning around!

So, I'm trying really hard to get all of my wip's finished up (and I'm doing quite well) and I had promised myself that I wouldn't be starting anything new until I'd cleared the pile of half done project. That was until, I saw all about the Spinning Stars quilt along that Katy of I'm a ginger monkey was starting. Seeing the quilts that have been made with the pattern was enough to convince me it was worth starting something new.
I joined up to the Flickr group, downloaded the free pattern from Anna Maria Horner's Make page and started to think about fabric. Whilst looking through the Flickr group I noticed that a few people have been doing practice blocks and decided that this was probably a good idea. I don't want to cut into my precious fabric with out a clue!! So I dug out some I ♡ London fabric and a few reds and started cutting pressing and sewing and here is my trial block.
It went ok, but I'm very pleased I had a practice as I've learnt a few things
         I can't cut well with paper templates (lucky I've ordered the acrylic templates)
         My seams are wonky (must try harder)
         The middles a bit baggy, maybe because of the seams?
         Even though I'm not using this fabric for the real quilt, I shouldn't have used that red circle dot, as its too similar to the red of the ring!
         & I need to concentrate on the points meeting!

So, as soon as the templates arrive I'll be cutting into this lovely pile of fabric. I was lucky enough to have bought a fair few FQ's of Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker with my voucher from Intrepid Threads and was saving them for something just for me and I think this may be it.

I've added some Pezzy Prints to blend in with the Quilt Blocks to make it look slightly scrappy and the Sketch by Timeless Treasures will be used as the solid rings. I have a bit of a tough time doing things randomly, but I hoping not to be too ocd with the placing of these.
This is how the finish quilt should look, don't you think it is just gorgeous, I hope mine looks even half as good as this!
I can't wait to get started! Although that Kylie song has been going around my head all day, hope it doesn't do that every time I make one of these blocks!!


  1. I love this London version of Spinning Stars! It works really well. Your new FQs are yummy too x

  2. Oh I can't cut with paper templates worth a crap either, don't worry about it!

  3. Can just imagine you singing along with Kylie as you are stitching this quilt :) You will never have that song out of your head now!


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