Sunday, 22 January 2012

Starting my to do list....I will sew a quilt!!!

Like many people I'm sure, I have a list of crafty things I would love to learn. Through blogging and Pinterest that list has gotten increasingly long, so I decided this year I need to tackle some sewing goals. One of my aims of this year is to learn quilting and to have a quilt by Christmas.
I have been longingly following bloggers that have the most wonderful quilting expertise and also access to the most fantastic fabrics and I dream of making quilts like this.  But first I need to start with the basics and as I showed you back here I have taken the leap and bought some fabric. I have also been reading books from the library to learn any tricks and must do's.
I have seen many Quilt-A-Longs that had great squares each week, but as a complete beginner I was worried about joining, incase the squares or tutorials were too tricky for a novice. Until  before Christmas, when I saw Sew Happy Geeks QAL, what drew me in was Jenna's statement that a beginner could join up as things would be taken slowly and would build up to more difficult squares. 
So over the last week I have cut the fabric and followed Jenna's very clear and precise tutorials and produced these. 

Woven block

Snowball block

Friendship Star block

and QST Pinwheel block

They are not all perfect and some may(!!) have been ripped out and re-sewn, but I am jump up and down happy with myself that I've done them. I'm also not sure of the colours in the snowball block, but that will have to be left until I have more time or get used to it.
I still have one more block to complete until I'm up to date , but it looks a bit tricky and will have to be done when I have silence and uninterrupted time (when the boys are at school and Rose is having a nap).
Also thank you to Jenna at Sew Happy Geek for the most wonderful clear and free tutorials any mistakes are my own and have nothing to do with her!!!!
This post is my Resolved to Sew 2012 and I hope to be able to create more quilts if I could every win a prize from the most amazing giveaway over at Very Berry Handmade. The prizes would make any fabric lover do a jig!!! (I did)
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, I'm off to have a celebratory glass of wine and I leave you with one last picture of them all together.

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