Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shhhhh......can you hear that?

No. Nothing......It's bliss!!
For the first time since the 17th December the house is quiet. My little Pickle is having her nap and the boys went back to school this morning.
I have to say I am missing having the boys chattering around, but we were all desperate for normal routines to resume. Also I think they wanted to get back to school to see their friends, they must have had enough of me by now.

So this morning has given me the chance to peek at some of the Christmas present I was very lucky to receive. I was very spoilt this year, although I believe my mum may have had her own motives!!
After nearly a year of 'borrowing' her sewing machine my mum bought me this little beauty.

I am so excited, I can't wait to get using it. She also got me this sewing box to go with it.

I am quite ashamed to say I had been using an old shoe box until now. I feel very special indeed and my mum now has her own machine back with her! 

So, with these as inspiration I have pledged to do a make a month with the Felt Fairy. You can see the link in my sidebar.  I have been looking though some of my books to pick a project and think as a complete Cath Kidston addict I might make something from here. 

I hope you had a wonderful new year, full of love, laughter and fun. 
I am looking forward to all the things that I can make and enjoy in 2012. I feel really pleased that 2011 was the year I took the plunge and joined the wonderful blogland. I am stunned by the comments, ideas and encouragement that is shared by everyone and feel honored that people listen to my ramblings and take the time to leave me a comment. xx


  1. Awesome sewing machine, Im going to check out the felt fairy now, thanks for the heads up about it...

  2. ooo I love your new sewing basket it is so cute. Good luck with your make a month can't wait to see all the wonderful things you sew

  3. I have enjoyed your blog for a little while now, and would like to give you a Liebster Blog Award!
    Jo x

  4. Hi Joanne, I'm just catching up, I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and New Year. You have been a lucky girl, the sewing machine looks fab, I look forward to seeing what you make using it now. I've got that sewing box, I love

  5. Ahhh bliss, quiet and a little sewing. Looks like a great wee machine I bet you will have hours of fun! Jxx


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