Saturday, 28 January 2012

Monthly Make for January

This year I have made a pledged over at The Felt Fairy to make something each and every month. I have done this in the hope that it will make me finish projects within a short time frame. I have been known to get so swept up with a new craft or project that I overload my time and things get forgotten and put to the side. Also with the arrival of my own sewing machine I thought this would be a good motivator to make something that does not involve knitting or crochet.
So for my make this month I dusted off the kit that came with my Cath Kidston Sew! book, that I bought ages ago!!! I shut myself in the kitchen with my machine and with the provided material and instructions.

 And this is what I have made.

It is being used to store my one-a-day wool at the moment, but as my model was quite taken with it I might have to add another buttonhole to shorten the strap so she can play with it.  I am so impressed that it came together. I have to say the instructions were a bit general and I'm glad I wasn't a complete beginner as I may well still be sitting there now!!! But I managed button holes, nearly straight sewing and a rouleau loop?!

But as it was a provided kit I did feel like I was cheating a bit, so I cast on a cardigan I had been planning to make for Rose and over the last 3 weeks I have knitted it up. It's from Debbie Bliss Eco Family and is called Saskia's lace detail cardigan but I did used a different wool than was recomended. I managed to get some Rowan Cashsoft Baby dk in John Lewis clearance after Christmas so decided to use this. I loved that the colour is called Pixie!!!

It's a bit big for her as the last one I made just fitted and didn't really get much wear, so I decided to make it for the summer. I've not made my mind up about the buttons, I was hoping to use these great spotty ones but I might have a look around before I sew them on.

All of the other January Monthly Makes are in the Flickr group, please go and have a look as there are lots of wonderful different things that people have posted. I'm not sure what I've got planned for next month, but hopefully I will be inspired in the next week.......... so it gives me plenty of time to get it finished.


  1. By 'eck you did a fine job, the bag looks amazing, what's a rouleau loop? Sounds way beyond me, I like to do a bit of sewing, although I'm not particularly good.

    The little cardi is gorgeous, the detail on the bottom is very pretty. I would love to find a yarn clearance thinks I need to hit the big smoke with some pocket money, or one of those big shows, our LYS is small and limited, but better than none I guess.

  2. Ahh there both lovely. Love the cardigan the bottom is so pretty what a lovely pattern. dee x

  3. Well done on tackling that bag and making such a good job of it too. It certainly wasn't cheating as you had to do all the sewing, which was the hardest part after all!

  4. That is a lovely bag and such a cute cardigan.


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