Tuesday, 13 December 2011

One A Day......

I've been going great guns this week working on my Custard scarf. I think it's because I know there is still so many other things to get done, that I need this finished.
I have been able to do 2 blocks of the repeated pattern each night, and pink marks the spot where I was last week.

Now, I asked you lovely people out there last week about Pom Pom Makers. Everyone said they had not used the machine but the cardboard ring method. The lovely Sarah at Crafts From the Cwtch suggested Pinterest, and wow what a wealth of pom pom making tips did I find.

Here is my attempt at making them ..... using my hand!! (it did suggest forks but I wanted bigger!)

And here is my finished garland

It's quite a dark picture, but I love the garland. I would like to add some more but time ran out, at least I got the 7 done for this week.

Finally, I know this isn't One a Day, but I hope you don't mind me adding this on the end!!!

I was given the Liebster Blog award last week from Janette at The Green Dragonfly.
Liebster means 'Dearest or Beloved" in German, and I was stunned to be one of the people she picked. Especially as I love the other blogs she picked as well.
It is suggested that you then past the award onto 5 of your favorite blogs, so here goes.......

Deb at A World of Imagination

Sarah at Crafts From the Cwtch


Hilly T at Hilly Town Blue

Kashi at Kashi's Corner

Thank you so much to Janette, it really is an honor to be past this by you. I love your tutorials and your blog is so inspiring  xx

Well now I'm off to Gingerbread Girl's to see the magnificent progress from everyone else.


  1. Lovely pom poms. Thats great progress on the scarf. I know what you mean, so many things to make, so little time :)

    Congratulations on the blog award, it is well deserved.

  2. Oh wow thank you, I've never had a blog award before, how exciting!

    Your scarf is lovely as are your pompoms. I actually do have a little plastic pom pom maker thing which is really good but you obviously managed brilliantly without!

  3. Your scarf is looking fabulous and I'm glad you found lots of Pinspiration (!) as your garland is very cute.

    You are so kind to award me, thank you very much xxx

  4. Scarf is looking fab. I do love your pom poms. My little lady loves making pom poms with oddments of wool I have left.

  5. Thank you, Joanne. I'm very honored that I am one of your fave blogs. I love how your scarf is turning out.xxxx

  6. Oh wow I was so honoured to read my name, what a wonderful honour thank-you so much. I love your blog too and the scarf is coming along a treat, still love it. xx

  7. Your scarf is growing before our eyes! Congratualtions on the Liebster Blog award...well deserved indeed! :)x

  8. Pom poms! yeeeeehaaa, I love pom poms. And the color of the scarf is really pretty.

  9. Thanks for your kind words- you really made my day!! I love pom poms too!!!

  10. HI, just found your blog- nice scarf, congratulations on the award, and I love your spotty santa cushion!! So cute

  11. Good scarf progress! Glad you got the liebster blog award too, I was given one and it's funny how it's spread among so many other blogs I follow :-) It's like we're all connected!

    Pom poms = so cute by the way! :-)


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