Monday, 15 February 2016

Woolly and fibre Addictions

So I might not have been blogging so much recently but I thought I'd update you with the newest additions to the wool and fabric stash.

As a little gift to me I signed up to a Valentines Box from A Fine Fish Yarns. I LOVE Terri's yarns and made one of my favourite shawls from her amazing Christmas Tree Lights Yarns a few Christmases ago and was just waiting for the chance to order more.
I went for the 100gms skein of both Kiss Kiss and Bang Bang yarns as I couldn't decide if I was a hater or a lover of Valentines Day ( I think I'm a bit of both!!)
They are just so perfect together, I need a shawl pattern to use them both in.

And then a  good few week back I took advantage of the Simply Solids sale and stocked up on a bit of Cotton + Steel halloween fabric.

They seem to design the loveliest seasonal fabrics and I wish I had bought more of them earlier on, especially the Christmas ones.

And then last week I saw a little IG destash (why does auto correct want to change it to deaths, maybe it is worried by us destashing!!!) of A Stash Addict yarn and I couldn't resist.
This gorgeous skein of Electric Watermelon has been earmarked as a Miss Winkle Shawlette for me, or if you have any other 1 skein shawl ideas let me know please!!!!
I'm off to ponder my makes and get on with my Daybreak Shawl knitting,

Hopefully I'll get back here tomorrow with a sewing update, don't be too shocked but I have actually got to use my sewing machine!!!! 


  1. The yarns in that box are absolutely gorgeous Joanne, I am not a knitter but I would be tempted to buy them just to sit and admire them :)


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