Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pebble Beach Shawl - Take 2

Hello.......................long time no blog!!
It's been a while and things have been busy and blogging has taken a back seat in life and unfortunately so has sewing and knitting! But I thought to get me back into the swing of things I would share a few of my summer finishes over the next week. Yes I have actually finished something!!
Back in May The Pebble Beach Shawl Pattern had a update with two new sizes added to it and since my mum pinched my last one I thought it was a great excuse to cast-on one for myself.
It is rather bright, but I wanted a shawl that would bring a bit of sunshine to autumn and winter and since I took some pictures of me wearing it this morning I haven't taken it off, so it is definitely giving me a bit of warmth on this chilly and damp day.
It is such a easy knit, but I think gives a finish that looks very delicate and pretty and using a solid yarn really shows off the pattern at it's best.

The Details

Size - Medium 
Yarn - 177 grams of Smitten II by Sweet Clement in Maple

And as you can see from these pictures, it is a beast of a shawl and is perfect for around your shoulders or wrapping it around and around your neck.
I think I will have to start yarn shopping for a large one!

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