Sunday, 9 November 2014

Slow Swooning and a bit of secret sewing!

I've been really slow at sewing over the last few weeks and even slower at blogging, life is just not giving me enough hours or energy to fit it all in! But after a virtual kick up the backside a few weeks ago I have managed to get block No.7 made.
I love the colours of this block, they are really autumnal.
With pretty good points too, well mostly, but I'll only highlight the good ones!
I think this one might be my favourite block, although I think I'm being a bit Brucie and might have said that about them all…….
So, just two more block to get done, that sounds so easy! Helen, I may need a further kick next week! 
And then on the Secret Sewing, back before the summer holidays I got an email asking if I would like to contribute a row of blocks for a Christmas quilt for an issue of Fat Quarterly by the lovely Lynne. Would I ever, so immediately said YES!! But then I saw the list of other contributors ( Susan, Nicky, Juliet, Lynne and Joanna) and actually crapped my pants and worried for most of my holiday! But I gave myself and TouchDraw a good talking to and made my blocks with the yummy Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hill Designs.  
They were then put together by Lynne and have made the most amazing Christmas Jumper Quilt for the latest issue of Fat Quarterly! We even made the cover ladies! 
I'm genuinely amazed to see my nursery like Paper Pieced Tree blocks in amongst those other stunning blocks! I mean look at those reindeers!
So, I'm off to wrestle the boys off the xbox and browse Fat Quarterly to find out who made the low volume snowflake quilt, it is amazing! 


  1. How lovely to be asked! I think your trees are brilliant and it wouldn't be the same quilt without them:-)

  2. congrats - I love your row x

  3. Your sewing is so perfect! And I love the mustard color fabric so much!

    I have two questions, for if/when you have the time. 1) I am going through chemo and while I've sewn and quilted all of my life, my fingers (and fingernails) are in very, very dire straits right now. Do you have any suggestions for the best - and comfortable (for this is my main word for this time in my life: comfort) type of thimble that won't allow a needle to poke through? 2) I want to begin teaching my great-niece how to sew over Christmas break, and I'm wondering what the best item(s) to begin with would be for a girl of 12.

    I'm sure you're super busy, and I appreciate and thank you, ahead of time, for _your_ time.
    Best, Jo
    P.S. I also have a third question... but that's only if I get an answer to the thimble thing... :-)

  4. I love your trees! The Swoon block is gorgeous, too! I've been offline for a while (my router went 'pop' and getting a replacement has taken a while) so I missed this post when it was new. I can't help noticing, though, that there don't seem to be any more new Swoon blocks in more recent posts.... *goes off to warm up her kicking leg and practise her aim*


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