Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Tile Quilt Top is done!! WooHoo!

Don't refresh your computer screen, yes, I have been sewing again! Shocking I know, but I think my sewjo is returning!!!
I have managed to get the borders on my Fabulously Fast Tile Quilt top that I started back at FQR in the class with Amy.
I'm so pleased it is together, I love the fabric and think it could be the perfect quilt for when Rose gets a big girl bed.
I sent the man of the house out into the garden to get a decent shot of it, as even on the bench the eldest is still too short.
So, it's a step closer to being finished, just need to pick a backing fabric, I wouldn't mind a vintage sheet. But don't own any, so I might have to have a search of ebay or etsy.

And I might be being optimistic, but I've been chopping fabrics and print paper piecing patterns to get some Christmas crafting on!
On the left is for the Log Cabin Wreath quilt By Jessie in Quilt Now and the on the right is paper piecing from Tacha Book Playful Little Paper-Pieced Project! I've been wanting to do that December Block of the Cabin since I saw the book first advertised (and the book has all the patterns on a cd, no holding up the photocopy queue in the newspaper shop for me!!) It's by Kerry Green and she made it into a box, but I think another cushion will be my aim!
Got any Christmas making planned??


  1. Oh yey! Have you got many Christmas things planned? I have a cushion, six hot water bottles and two sew together bags to do.

  2. Oh yay - well done for getting the quilt top finished :-) The Christmas cabin is so fun - I really need to get started on some Christmas sewing too!


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