Thursday, 16 May 2013

Keep Calm and Paper Piece On!

On Tuesday evening, I gave myself a stern talking to and decided that I couldn't start piecing the new backing for the Giant Constellation quilt (don't ask about the debacle of the previous backing that was twice basted, quilted and unpicked!!) until I was up to date with my BoM blocks. 
They had been printed off and ready to go fora fair few weeks!
So, with the lure of a few yards of untouchable Kona Peacock I produced these. 
The top two are from 'And sew on' Bom with Kristy of Quiet Play and the bottom two are from 'Everything and the kitchen sink' sew along with Katy of The Littlest Thistle.
I had to catch up with April's 'Snip It Real Good' scissors block and the then 'Keep Calm and Press On' block was for May. I was petrified of the iron block, but it was actually ok! I'm not going to say easy, but they were both finished by yesterday. 
The wind was against me taking them photos, but I think they look great together.....except my pattern printing error. I must have printed the iron block at a smaller size! But oh well, it's staying that way! 
And then today I started with the Everything and the Kitchen Sink blocks. 
The bowl block was a really quick block and made me think I was doing well, but the teapot was a bit of a sod!! Completely my fault,  I should have stuck with just one fabric with no fussy cutting and I should have told the kids 'NO, you can't use the iPad!!' as they pinch my visual reminder off me, I missed my spout! But again, it's staying that way, I'll learn from my mistakes but I'm not always changing them!! 
But, this now means I am free to start on the backing of the Giant Constellation quilt and to start really worrying about what to put on the name tag for my partner in the secret swap for FQ retreat!!! This is why I never enter swaps, I am petrified!!! HELP!! 


  1. To be honest your teapot might drip less ;o) The next one will be up tomorrow...

  2. You have done very well to persevere with all these lovely PP'd blocks. I'm fairly sure at least one of them would have made me cry if I had attempted them. Well done!

  3. If your name tag partner is me there's no need to stress :) My partner has given me very little to work with so I've decided to just have fun with it, you should too!

  4. Your paper piecing is just beautiful!!! Lovely blog!!

  5. Congrats on knocking out all of these blocks, they look great!

  6. Your blocks are looking so great! Well done for catching up!

    You may be able to trim your other And Sew On blocks to match the iron perhaps!

  7. I love your blocks!
    As for the smaller iron piece... add a sash frame around it ? Something that will make you smile when you look at it!!

  8. I like your repeating fabrics in the And Sew On.. blocks, they really match together great.


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