Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ip, dip, do.......

As ever I'm indecisive! And have resulted to an old playground rhyme to pick binding!
Childish, moi!

After many backing and basting problems,  I've finally quilted the Giant Constellation Quilt and now need to pick a binding to order. I narrowed it down to the finial few.
I did start with the whole bundle, so yes that is narrowed down! I really want the moon one, but I love the others too!
Don't you just love my binding auditioning tool!?!
Today I'm chopping in to some more Posy pretties for my stop on the roly-poly-along.

Pop back on Friday for my stop on the blog hop and to see the finished item, there will also be a chance to win a copy of Rachael's brilliant pattern.
I'm also trying to finish up another Geranium dress that I started last week! It just needs hemming and the pocket to be finished.
This was the chaos it was last left in, whilst I was trying to put a zip in! Why do I have to try tricky things!?!
And lastly, heres a sneak peek of the fabrics I might use and a start of my name tag for my swap partner for FQ retreat!
I may change my mind a few times(!!) between now and having to post it out! So they may have a few to pick from! It's so hard to stalk someone and guess what they like and hate!
I was aiming for a 3"x4½" finished size? Can anyone who was there last year tell me if that is about the right size for a lanyard?
So, that's what I'm up to....... what about you?


  1. Your binding auditioning is genius! I usually lay the fabric by the side but it isn't the same. I think I will try your method next time!

    I have nearly finished my name badge, having changed my mind at least 3 times on the entire concept, let alone colour schemes...

  2. If you love the Moon one, you should just go with your gut!

  3. Love all of your binding options and would agree with Pennydog that you should go with the Moon one, you won't regret it!

  4. I like the blue with the stars for the binding (although you didn't ask lol) The moons do look cool too though


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