Monday, 22 October 2012

Dress in progress!

I may have mentioned in my last post that I have been working on a dress for the little lady, well here it is in it's very unfinished state.
I've pinned it rather badly to shorten it for Rose to try on, but I'm so chuffed with how its turned out!
The pattern is Music Box Jumper by Oliver + S which I bought at The Village Haberdashery and I used some chambray that I bought in John Lewis that it is so super soft. I made it in size 2T and although it very long, the yoke fits her perfectly with a t-shirt underneath. I still need to make the buttonholes on the back and decide on the length and hem it.
I tried to take some pictures of Rose in it, but she is proving to be a temperamental model and would only pose while doing the actions for head, shoulders, knees and toes!!


  1. Clever you, the dress looks beautiful so far, I can only imagine how hard it was to get a non-blurry photo!

  2. Cute dress, and glad she's got her body parts sorted ;o)

  3. Well done you, the dress looks great. Looks like you will have some fun trying to get that hem measured :)

  4. Well done, it is a gorgeous colour, I'm trying to negotiate with my 5yr old about wearing a dress for a wedding next month...


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