Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Busy, busy Wednesday

It has been a fairly busy start to half term with a big list of jobs to get done for the boys and visits to friends squeezed in!!
I have made no progress this week on my spinning stars, (I seem to do well with these blocks every other week!) or on my wrist warmers!
I have been trying to concentrate on finishing my Vintage Holiday quilt top, but even that has been slightly ignored.
This is mostly due to deciding yesterday, that I had to make a present for a friend who I'm due to see on Friday. It was her birthday on Monday and I was going to go with flowers and chocolates but I'll also be giving our other friend her wedding tea cozy so I wanted to make her something!
I have been watching and drooling over the totes popping up on Flickr and blogland and so it had to be one of those. So this is were I'm up to....
We have a pocket
And a bit of quilting.
So It should be done.
I am still to hem the Music Box Jumper dress for the baby to wear on Saturday! And I now have to go and tackle these with the little people who have been waiting sooo patiently.....
And feed random children who are banging down my door sugar, Happy Halloween!!!
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