Sunday, 29 July 2012

Zakka Style Delightful Linen Bag

I have well and truly fell off the wagon of the  Zakka Sew Along, unfortunately life and end of summer term just got in the way.
But last week my mum needed something to put a present in for my sister and then I saw Liz's post about her Zakka Style Linen Bag and inspiration struck!
My mum had bought her tickets for a show and wanted more than a card to give them in. So I thought a small Zakka Style bag would be ideal!
I had lots of scraps left over from my sisters Swoon cushion and decided to use them to make an embellishment for the bag.
I made a pinwheel block with the remnants of some HST's and used a scrap of the linen to make the actual bag and Ta-Dah!!
Instead of the button closure I was meant to use I added some velcro to the lining.
It is fairly small, but I think she will be able to store some makeup in it after. It was a really quick make and I would scale it up next time for a Kindle Case.
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  1. *huge grin* Thanks for the mention darl.
    What a great idea to finish of the pressie.
    I just finished my first Swoon block inspired by your amazing pillow.

  2. Neat pouch so much nicer than a paper gift bag. You are not alone in falling off the Zakka bandwagon, maybe a project a week was a tad ambitious :)

  3. Oh I fell off that wagon too, but I feel like knocking one of those up tonight now!

  4. The little bag is perfect to finish off the gift....I have to say as I scrolled down I caught sight of the purple swoon cushion, that is gorgeous, your lucky sister! I like the pink too, but the purple is fab!

    Those little bundles of fabric you got with your voucher are so pretty....I think if I ever got into my sewing machine more I'd be a liability!

  5. That's a really pretty little bag and I'm sure she will find lots of uses for it. I am almost afraid to think of having a go at these lovely little quilting projects, another obsession would be really bad at the moment, but your creations are lovely.


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