Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ok, who shortened June?

Blog posts have been a little thin on the ground around here over the last few weeks!!
It started with the laptop giving up the ghost at the beginning of the month, it couldn't be fixed without a big cash injection, so we decided to upgrade and bought a new computer. This however, did not give me the few extra hours in the day that I need to get everything done!! Just added to my To Do list. I've finally got used to it, but feel like I've just slept through a month. Where did June go?
What with the end of term fast approaching and the feeling that it just a little to soon in the year to be thinking about summer holidays!!! I mean surely it was just Easter last month? And have you seen the weather here in the UK? I'm sure we had a dryer winter?! In fact I know we did, thats how we ended up having a 'hosepipe ban'.
Anyway, enough of my rantings. I have managed to fit a few bits of knitting and sewing in amongst all this moaning.
My Edie's flower top now has a finished back.
I'm working on the front, and am slowly getting to grips with intarsia. I have changed my bamboo needles to metal circular needles and I have to say it's been a lot easier since I switched. I'm hoping this will be finished within the next 2 weeks.

I have been at the sewing machine over the last 2 evenings and have been working on a swoon block by Camille Roskelley. This has meant lots of cutting and I'm now know for sure, I'm not a very straight cutter.
These blocks are a mahoosive 24" when finished and I have been wanting to have a go at one for ages. So I bought myself the pattern and got to work.
This is it laid out before the last few joins. It's going to be made into a cushion for my Great Aunts 80th birthday present. I'm seeing her on Sunday so need to get myself in gear. She is the lady who introduced me to crochet and knitting and I really wanted to make her something homemade. The Husband said he think it will be too big, but I say the bigger the better!!

It was our wedding anniversary on Sunday, so I decided to pop into RayStitch and buy myself some fabric from the Husband as a little treat!! I really can help him to be so thoughtful!!
I have seen that Carole over at Gingerbread girl is back with One a Day!! I really loved joining in with this on a Tuesday and I'm hoping as soon as I finish that jumper I will be jumping back in!!
Thanks so much for all the wonderful comment on my Siblings Together quilt, it really was lovely reading them. 


  1. That knitting is un-be-lie-vable. Incredible work!

  2. Well whoever stole June is working hard on July!!! Love the knitting though, and how kind of hubby ;o)

  3. Your Swoon block looks lovely, hope you get it finished in time I am sure your Great Aunt will love it. How smart of your hubby to know exactly what to get you :)

  4. Oh my gosh, the top is gorgeous !!!! I'm mot sure I've got the patience to do something like that, I'm starting some wellie toppers using intarsia, so I'll see how I go. Your block is gorgeous it will look gorgeous as a cushion. You made me laugh about buying the fabric, it's my birthday next week and bought myself a set of knitting needles from my hubby. Deb xxx


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