Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Playing with cards

You may have noticed that I'm very easily distracted! Even though I have a list of wip's as long as my children's birthday list I can't help but start something else.
Jenna from SewHappyGeek is hosting a mini quilt competition using playing cards as the inspiration and I have been resisting joining up! Honestly. I really couldn't think what to do or if I had an idea, the sewing capability to carry it out without a pattern to follow. Until last week, when I thought of making something with meaning to me and drew it out and then made a start.

  by RoseDahlia
, a photo by RoseDahlia on Flickr.
And this is what I have ended up with so far. I wanted something I could use after that was relevant to us,so the thought behind picking this card was my 3 children. The photo is rubbish as it's a quick one from my phone.
I've only got till the 21st May to get this finished as I left it so late to get any creative thoughts!!
The PLAY mini quilt competition Flickr group is here.

I still got to get my Siblings Quilt top finished and decide on a border for my Hexagon crochet blanket(!). I've also missed a few weeks of the Zakka Sew Along and want to get back on track with that !!

So, any ideas of the card I picked?

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