Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rambling Rose Settler Shawl

A few weeks ago I managed to finish off my Settler Shawl, unfortunately it took me ages to block it and even longer to blog it, but here it is.
I would love to say this was a relaxing and peaceful knit, but unfortunately I turned it into a bit of a nightmare knit, by me not concentrating on the instructions and blindly knitting away................which resulted in a massive frogging session, sobs from me and very nearly chucking it in the corner to ignore. But I am so pleased that I ploughed on, it has finished as a beautiful delicate and really quite elegant shawl.
The problem started when the pattern told me to repeat two rows so many times and I counted them as pairs not as individual rows, (DOH!!) so knitted way too many. Also, I think I might have been a bit daunted by the border pattern, but that was really easy to do, once I got to it.
I ran out of yarn with just a bit of cast off to do, so instead of more frogging, I grabbed the tiny bit of one of my favourite yarns to finish with.
The Details

Knitting time - 6 weeks  (but not very consistently)

The yarn is soooo soft and really a pleasure to wear and to knit with and it even held up really well to the frogging, I find sometimes yarn can really fluff and split when you have to frog it. 
I can definitely see myself knitting another and a lot quicker now I know what I'm doing, I think it would make a good 1 Skein Christmas present make.   


  1. It is beautiful Joanne, I love that tiny injection of colour from your yarn shortage - great design decision :)

  2. It's beautiful!! I too love that tiny bit of colour - I love it when a potential crapshoot becomes something awesome!

  3. It's gorgeous and I love the little bit of colour in the cast off!


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