Friday, 26 April 2013

A Posy Geranium!

I am so pleased that I joined in with Kids Clothes Week this Spring, it has given me a good kick to get sewing some different things and to make this little beauty!
My husband a little less so as the house is a complete mess!!! 
The Geranium Dress by Made-By-Rae is nearly everywhere in blogland at the moments and I think that is due to the fact it is so versatile, easy and nearly each one I've seen looks different! 
I had seen this fabric in my local quilt shop when it first came in a few weeks ago and was just waiting for the excuse to buy some, it is so pretty and delicate looking, I actually felt bad cutting it up!!! 
The pattern comes with so many different options to make it with different lengths, sleeves, pockets and necklines. I have made the top b version with cap sleeves, pleats, pockets and a little notched neckline in a 3T. Rose is 2 and a bit and it's got a good bit of growing room.
I did not have any trouble with matching the yoke to the skirt, it was the perfect fit and really simple. (I had real trouble with that in the last dress with pleats that I made for Rose!!) 
I loved the hints in the pattern to help you along, especially if your like me and forget bits........ 
The fabric is Bouquet in Daisy from Posy by Aneela Hoey and I lined it with an off white from my quilt shop. I used odd pink and peachy buttons, (also from my brilliant local quilt shop) as I couldn't decide on which ones to use!! 
I am so so pleased with it!!! 
I would love to get one more thing made before the weeks over and I was hoping for the dress version of the Geranium with the ruffle sleeves.....I just need to pick a fabric! 
It's either Summersville Spring, or  Posy 17 !!! Decisions, decisions!!! 
So thats Day 5 and I've made 3 things with 5 buttonholes!! And I still hate buttonholes! Or maybe it just the way my machine makes them........

Another Day, another Rose overload!! Sorry! 


  1. It's a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl!

  2. That's such a gorgeous top! It turned out so beautifully and the fabric is lovely!

  3. Rose's wardrobe will be bulging at this rate. Another gorgeous dress.

  4. Very cute. Himself needs to start cleaning, you're busy clothing the family ;o)

  5. Such a lovely top (and an even lovelier Rose) - my 3 yr old daughter was sitting on my lap when I was reading your post earlier and she said 'that girl has a pretty dress, can you make me one' so I bought the pattern and I just hope my attempt turns out as well as yours!


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