Friday, 7 December 2012

Ruby Star Wrap Along - Simple Drawstring Bag

I didn't get a chance to make anything last week from the Ruby Star Wrapping book, I was spread a little too thin on the time front.
But this week I really wanted to make the Simple Drawstring Bag as I had an idea for using one.
I started with the IKEA Santa Fabric that I had stashed from last year and made it in minutes, but unfortunately it didn't gather as it should!
I did everything as the instructions in the book said, even spraying it with water and it did gather slightly, but not what I was expecting.  
I think the problem was I used a too thick fabric, so back to the stash and sewing machine and these two were produce. One with a bit of Kona Solid at the top and the other with a scrap of Joy! by Kate Spain.
By using quilting cotton at the gathered section, it worked perfectly and I love them. The small one is to be attached to a present with chocolate coins in and the larger one is at this moment at the post office on route to a special person with a gift in it! 
I will be butchering the one that didn't work this afternoon and adding a thiner top to it.
I am really impressed what a little shirring elastic can do to fabric, I've always thought it would be really tricky to use. I kid you not they took minutes to make! 
These bags will be made again and again by me for wrapping presents and not just for Christmas. I think it leaves a lovely bag to be used after as well.

I'm linking these up for the

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  1. I have never tried using shirring elastic either but these bags are so sweet I could be tempted. Will definitely take on board the need to use thinner fabric at the top though, thanks for the tip :)

  2. Glad you got it worked out in the end :o)

  3. Oh so gorgeous - thank you it has just arrived! The children are trying to get their sticky mitts on it right now! You are a star - thanks

  4. so cute! the traditional fabric if fab!


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